The Joshua Tree as You’ve Never Heard it Before

‘U2 fans are in for a treat as Beyond The Music release their debut album ‘Beyond the Music REIMAGINES The Joshua Tree’. The forthcoming album is an orchestral and choral interpretation of the iconic U2 album. Our challenge was to reimagine and revere, and with the award-winning Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra we hope we have done just that, proving that perfection won’t be perfected only reimagined in a way to take you into and beyond the music.
Single Releases:
22nd November 2019 – Red Hill Mining Town
6th December 2019 – Bullet the Blue Sky
10th January 2020 – Exit
Album Release:
28th February 2020 – Album: Beyond The Music REIMAGINES The Joshua Tree

Our Story

Beyond The Music was formed out of an inspiration to honour greatness. Conceived to embellish iconic classic contemporary / rock music with lush orchestral arrangements whilst staying true to the core subject pieces. A musical journey and acknowledgment to one of the greatest recording artists and their songs which have helped shape the generations before us. Our first project has been to go Beyond The Music of the ground breaking album The Joshua Tree. We arranged and scored all of the orchestrations which were recorded with the multi award winning Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra.

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